Market Research

For more than two decades, Philips & Associates has provided provides quantitative and qualitative research services to governmental agencies, corporations and nonprofit organizations. As a full service firm, we design and implement customized research projects to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our market research projects include initial consultation, study design, data collection, analysis, reporting and presentations to stakeholders.  We regularly collect data for clients via mail, telephone and online survey methods, as appropriate, as well as conduct focus groups and executive interviews to gain a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities you may face.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Quality Standards and Indicators
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Opinion Research
  • Awareness and Impact
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Brand/Image Measurement
  • Employee Satisfaction

Program Evaluation

Philips & Associates offers comprehensive evaluations of programs and projects for clients. We utilize appropriate research methodologies and analysis tools to provide independent and accurate measurements of the effectiveness of existing and/or proposed programs and projects. We ensure that all key stakeholders of a project/program are included in the evaluation process. The reports we prepare provide valuable insights for our clients and their funding sources.  Our evaluations are routinely used by various federal and state agencies as part of their application process.

  • Community Impact Studies
  • Environmental Scans
  • Benchmarking of Product and Service Quality
  • Program Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Program Compliance
  • Socioeconomic Impact
  • Cost-benefit Analysis

Regulatory Compliance Review

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of client data and market demographics to verify compliance with various federal and state regulations. Our associates have particular expertise working with financial institutions on Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) and Fair Lending regulations. Our analysis, reports and maps make it easy for clients to evaluate their compliance and identify action steps. Many of our long-standing clients in the financial services industry use our reports and maps as a standard part of their annual review, as well as for to preparing for compliance examinations by regulatory agencies.  

  • Market Profiling
  • Assessment Area Definition
  • CRA/HMDA Compliance
  • Fair Lending Review
  • Assessment Area Evaluation
  • Peer Analysis
  • Branch Network Mapping
  • Demographic Data Analysis
  • Data Quality Review

Geo-Demographic Analysis and Mapping

Philips & Associates offers comprehensive market analysis and geo-demographic solutions to guide strategic decisions of our clients. We use the latest demographic and economic data, including current updates and five-year projections, to evaluate market opportunities and target prospects. Our state of the art mapping software enables us to generate creative displays of critical data, such as customer distribution, market penetration, market potential, competitive position in the market, and the status of regulatory compliance.

  • Customer Distribution Models
  • Market Segmentation
  • Target Marketing
  • Customer Response Models
  • Current and Projected Demographics
  • Psychographic and Lifestyle Trending
  • Franchise Territory Analysis
  • Branch/Store Location Models
  • Presentation Maps

Project Consulting and Implementation

Our cost effective project consulting and implementation services help clients better understand the scope and objectives of a project and develop systematic processes for implementation. For organizations that lack internal resources or manpower, we provide extensive project management experience that makes the timely and cost effective implementation of programs possible.

An integral part of our process is the development of a comprehensive project development and monitoring process. This critical step ensures that our client is fully involved in all key decisions and that project implementation is accomplished on time and within budget.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Vendor/Supplier Diversity tracking and reporting
  • Customized training to increase capacity of targeted contractors and suppliers
  • Technical assistance for vendors, suppliers and contractors
  • Review and upgrade of vendor-supplier-contractor databases
  • Development of mentor-protégé programs to develop contractors and suppliers
  • Community Engagement