About Us

Philips & Associates was founded in 1991 in St. Louis, Missouri. Initially focused on the financial services industry, our work has since expanded to include a wide range of clients in government, private and nonprofit arenas.

Our work regularly takes us to markets across the country. Our work has provided us with a range of experiences that enable us to bring our clients the most current and cost-effective solutions on every project.

Philips & Associates is certified as a MBE firm by the State of Missouri and as a DBE firm by the Missouri Department of Transportation.any awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.

Our Promise To You – Our success is driven by a philosophy which recognizes that high quality customer service is our most important product.We work closely with each of our clients to understand their needs up front and to verify that we have exceeded their expectations at the end of each assignment.

  • We will thoroughly understand your needs and expectations before beginning any project.
  • We always look for the most cost-effective way to achieve your objective.
  • We remember at all times that we are representing you, and that our interactions with your customers and others must reflect positively on your organization.
  • Our work is thorough, focused and accurate.
  • We do everything in our power to deliver value and to exceed your expectations.
  • We do not consider any job completed until you have confirmed that you are satisfied with our work.

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